Product Liability

Defective and dangerous products are absolutely and totally the responsibility of the manufacturer, distributor, designer, or retailer. These products should not make it out of their factories into the homes of citizens whom they can harm. Injury caused by liable products may entitle you to compensation.

Consumers have reasonable expectations of the level of user friendliness and safety an item should have. When this understanding between provider and consumer is violated, dangerous and defective products can enter the market and cause severe personal injury or death. This is often due to design flaws or failure to comply with due diligence.This applies to everything from unsanitary or dangerous food and medicine to vehicles with shoddy brake systems to overheating electronic devices. Even children’s toys can become dangerous products if they have small pieces an infant could choke on, or contain lead paint.

If you or your children have sustained injuries due to unsafe products or negligent companies, contact Dye & Russell today. The experience we have with product liability law will ensure we can navigate the complex details of corporate law and earn you the maximum compensation for your suffering.

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