Boating Injuries

Ontario is privy to many beautiful waterscapes, from small northern fishing holes to the stunning Great Lakes and the famous Niagara Falls. There’s no question that boating can be a fun and satisfying hobby in this province. However, those who choose to go out on open water are invariably opening themselves up to risk of injury and, in worst-case scenarios, drowning. While it is important for helmsmen and their passengers, sometimes crises are unavoidable. These accidents can result in high repair costs and painful medical and rehabilitative care.

If you have sustained injuries or damages on a boat in Ontario, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer. You may be eligible to claim repair or replacement costs for your water vehicle, compensation for damages to others’ property, and access to medical care and rehabilitation. Whether you’re a fisherman injured on the job or a casual pleasure craft operator who experienced tragedy on an afternoon out with the family, Dye & Russell has the experience to help in your boating accident personal injury case.

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