Slip, Trip & Fall

A slip and fall or trip and fall is the catch-all term for an injury which occurs when someone falls as a result of a dangerous or hazardous condition on someone else’s property. Common causes of slip and fall injuries are weather-related conditions like snow, ice, and flooding; maintenance issues such as loose tiles, uneven terrain, or rotten wood; or other problems of negligence like poor lighting or hidden gaps.

Unlike other types of accidents, there are no deductibles for slip and fall claims, meaning that with an experienced personal injury lawyer, you will receive the maximum compensation available for your case directly. However, there are often particularly arduous timeline requirements for slip and fall incidents; the statute of limitation is two years, but many defendants will require physical or photo evidence that needs to be obtained shortly after the incident. This means that even more than other areas of injury, time is of the essence with slip and fall cases. If you’ve experienced injury in a fall caused by negligence, contact Dye and Russell now.

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