Wrongful Death

The tragedy of losing a loved one is one of the heaviest burdens a family member can bear—wrongful deaths perhaps even more so. The shock of losing someone close to you due to the willful or unintentional action of a professional inevitably causes a period of mourning and confusion. However, we are here to help you manage your grieving and pursue the compensation your family deserves.

Families experiencing the aftermath of wrongful deaths are often subject to mental health problems and trauma symptoms, financial strain, and difficulty attaining insurance compensation for funeral costs and other damages. At Dye & Russell, we have the experience and compassion required to assist you through this terrible time and give you the gift of peace in order to recover.

We can provide you with access to the services you and your family need, from grief and relationship counselling to legal representation against life insurance companies and medical organizations. We will employ tact and diligence to lessen the severity of your crisis as much as possible and honor the one you have lost.

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