Cycling Injuries

Choosing to cycle has many benefits: it’s healthy for you, it’s great for the environment, and it’s more cost effective than driving or transit. However, the benefits are always a calculated risk against the dangers involved. North America is notoriously behind the curve in terms of accessible cycling lanes, meaning many cycling enthusiasts are forced to integrate in potentially fatal car traffic.

At-fault parties in cycling accidents can be anyone from a careless bike manufacturer to an automobile driver who doesn’t know cycling hand signals to a government who failed to fill a dangerous pothole. If you have sustained a cycling injury, you should speak with a personal lawyer as soon as you can to ensure you are eligible for full compensation.

Dye & Russell has the know-how to create a compelling case for you, aiding in your recovery process and giving you access to the healthcare and rehabilitation you need. We’ll get you back on the roads in no time.

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