Motorcycle Safety 101

As far as cars go, there is a wide selection of technologically innovative models on the road right now that assist in elevating their driver’s socioeconomic image. For teenagers, having a vehicle is a symbol of independence that often leads to popularity, and as we look at older generations, there is little difference in the way having an expensive vehicle can affect social status.

However, carmakers can spend as many hours as they’d like creating newer, more advanced models to roll out onto the market, but no vehicle will ever provide its owner with the same amount of “The Effortlessly Cool Factor” that a motorcycle can.

Motorcycles, in all their glory, are a symbol. They’re relatively low maintenance, super fast, and even fuel-efficient. Unfortunately, motorcycles are far more dangerous for riders than vehicles are for drivers. In fact, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to get into fatal collisions.

While many riders never get into a collision, the reality is that if you love riding your motorcycle, you should be doing so with caution. Here are some helpful tips for reducing your risk of injury or collision while you’re hitting the open road on your motorbike:

Don’t take Risks

It seems quite obvious, but for many riders, the appeal of speeding and weaving through traffic on the highway can be very strong. In fact, this dangerous behaviour not only puts your life in danger, but the lives of every other vehicle on the road. If you are riding a motorcycle, you are not exempt from the basic rules of the road. It’s as simple as that.

Buy Antilock Breaks

You’d presume that on motorbikes, which are proven to put riders at a higher risk than vehicles do to drivers, antilock breaks would be a staple. However, they are noticeably absent on a wide variety of bike models. This lifesaving feature prevents riders from experiencing loss of steering control due to locked breaks. According to IIHS, in fatal motorcycle collisions, antilock break systems are 37 percent less likely to be installed on the bikes that crashed. Do yourself a favour and make the investment. You’ll be thankful you did.

Wear a Helmet

No matter how many studies are published surrounding the lifesaving benefits of helmet use, there will always be individuals who choose to forego wearing one. It is our advice to not be that person. Even head injuries that are not fatal cause sufferers to experience life altering physical and mental health issues. As a rider, investing in and wearing a helmet that covers your entire face is the best way to practice prevention and protect yourself when you’re out on the streets.

While the aforementioned tips are far from the only steps that you as a rider can take to minimize your risk of injury, taking them will place you on the right path to becoming a defensive and cautious motorcycle rider. Motorcycle crashes can be devastating to riders and their families.

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