Navigating the Roads- A Guide to Preventing Biking Personal Injuries

The month of May guarantees beautiful bright sunshine and clear blue skies, the perfect weather for aspiring cyclists. However, accompanying this nice weather are the constant risks of bike dangers on the road. Biking dangers pose a threat to the health of all individuals. To maximize the joy brought forth in May, biking risks must not be overlooked and taken seriously. At Dye and Russell, we are ready to share our top tips for cycling on vehicle-filled roads, to ensure the safety of all cyclists.

Use Hand Signals

Hand signals are often overlooked, yet are a critical component of biking safety. For effective hand signals, with the palm open, fully stretch the arm in the intended direction. This will alert drivers to an individual’s intentions, reducing the chances of personal injury occurring due to miscommunication.

Ride With the Flow Of Traffic

Biking against the flow of traffic can pose a great risk. Not only is this illegal, but reduces visibility and safety. By riding with the flow of traffic, bikers can easily see pedestrian or driver-intended signs while ensuring their visibility to cars, minimizing the dangers of accidents.

Bike On the Right Side Of The Road

Many individuals are unaware of the necessity that lies in biking on the right side of the road. Required by law, this rule permits individuals to bike in the same direction as other vehicles. This allows vehicles behind or in front of the cyclist to have a clear view of individuals, further reducing crash risks.

Don’t Bike Too Close To The Curb

The edges of the road often have many drains and significant debris, creating obstacles for cyclists causing tire holes and damage to the bike structure. Ensure you don’t stray too far to the right of the road, to reduce biking-fall accidents caused by the curb and to prioritize the condition of the bike.

Use Front And Rear Bike Lights

Front and rear bike lights are crucial when biking on the roads. The front lights ensure bikers can easily see obstacles and vehicles ahead, while the rear lights allow other cars or other cyclists to have an easy view of the biker. Having a constant view of the external environment will promote biker safety as it decreases the chances of visibility-related accidents.

If you have been in a cycling accident, Dye and Russell’s team of experienced personal injury lawyers is ready to help you get the compensation you’re entitled to. Contact us today for all your personal injury needs and to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Skye OliverNavigating the Roads- A Guide to Preventing Biking Personal Injuries