Navigating April Showers: Tips to Avoid Personal Injury

As the old saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” While the promise of blooming gardens and warmer days may be on the horizon, the arrival of April showers also means a significant increase in wet and slippery conditions, creating potential hazards that can lead to personal injury. It is critical to be aware of common personal injuries and their prevention to stop them from happening to you. Understanding the following tips will ensure your safety for the weeks ahead, maximizing the month’s enjoyment and fun. At Dye & Russell Personal Injury Lawyers, we understand that accidents can happen when you least expect them, and it is crucial to be proactive in preventing injuries during this season.

Wear Good Quality Shoes with Grip:

Slip and fall accidents are very common in April. Consistent rainfall causes sidewalks and workplace surfaces to become slippery, increasing the chance of slips, falls, sprains, etc. To avoid slipping, wearing good quality shoes with flat, rubber, and flexible soles is imperative. These shoes will provide a grip and prevent slippery surfaces from hindering your daily activities.

Maintain a Safe Distance Between Cars:

While driving, maintaining a safe distance between cars is essential. Rain can reduce the traction on car tires, causing hydroplaning and sliding. To prevent car crashes, give your car some wiggle room while driving. In the inevitable event of your car sliding, it will not crash into the vehicle in front.

Keep Car Headlights On:

In mucky wet weather, visibility is often compromised. Be sure to keep headlights on to ensure easy sight, reducing the chances of crashes with vehicles and other fallen structures.

Turn Off Cruise Control:

Cruise control is a practical feature that helps maintain speed and ease foot pains. However, cruise control should be off in rainy weather conditions so the driver maintains control of the vehicle and its speed. This allows individuals to change the speed of the car according to the driving conditions and should there be an  emergency, navigate the vehicle quickly and safely away from harm.

Pedestrian Safety:

If you are walking, be visible to drivers by wearing bright or reflective clothing. Use crosswalks, pedestrian signals, and make eye contact with drivers before crossing streets.

The fear of personal injury resulting from April rain doesn’t need to stop you. Follow these amazing tips to create a month of safety and fun.

Whether you have questions about slips and falls, car accidents, or trauma, our trusted employees at Dye & Russell will ensure your safety is maximized.

Skye OliverNavigating April Showers: Tips to Avoid Personal Injury