How to Help your Children Avoid Swimming Related Accidents at the Pool

Whether you have one in your backyard or not, every summer, kids are going to find their way to the nearest pool. In a child’s mind, what’s not fun about going for a swim on a hot day? It provides them with the opportunity to splash, do fun tricks off the diving board, and use their new pair of water wings.

In the mind of a parent, however, pools can pose a serious risk to the safety of their child. Each year, nearly 1,000 children die from drowning. But this cause of fatality is far from the only risk plaguing pool-going kids. Slip and fall accidents caused by wet surfaces can lead to potential head injuries for young children.

Here are ways that you can reduce the risk of accident in your backyard pool:

Install a Fence

As a parent, the risk associated with taking your eyes off your kids is only exacerbated if there is a pool in the vicinity. If you have small children, it’s advised you consider surrounding your pool with a fence, to minimize the potential risk of them falling in. When choosing which type of fence you want to install, be sure to avoid the chain link variety, as children can easily maneuver their way over it by climbing. Additionally, pick a tall enough fence, so that your kids do not have the ability to unlatch the gate.

Watch out for Drains

Pool drains pose a risk to children due to their powerful suction. Warn your children to stay away from drains, and keep your eyes on them while they swim, as their small body parts and hair can easily get sucked into the drains and cause painful injury. In addition to these preventative measures, you can opt to purchase drain covers to limit the risk.

Safety Equipment

Don’t store your floatation ring and safety rope in the shed adjacent to the pool. In the event of an emergency, safety devices need to be conveniently placed in order for you to act quickly to prevent a potentially fatal accident. Furthermore, when you are lounging by the pool watching your children swim, ensure that your cellphone is nearby, in the event that you need to call emergency services.

Clean up Toys

If your children enjoy floating on inflatable objects or pool noodles, it is imperative that you do not leave them in the pool after swim time is over. Doing so can tempt a small child to reach for one of their toys when they aren’t swimming, which can potentially lead to them falling in unsupervised.

Constant Supervision

Just because your child is a strong swimmer doesn’t mean they can’t fall victim to slip and fall accidents, or even drowning. In addition to outlining pool rules that prohibit children from running near, or roughhousing in the water, you must remain vigilant and supervise them while they’re swimming.

Invest in a Safety Cover

Finally, purchasing a high quality, motorized pool cover to prohibit access to your pool overnight can also minimize the risk of your child falling in.

Summer days spent at the pool can provide hours of aquatic entertainment. Don’t take any chances with your child’s safety. By taking these poolside precautions and remaining attentive around young swimmers, you’ll dramatically reduce the risk of an accident occurring.

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