Trick or Treat: Tips for Staying Safe on Halloween Night

The end of October is an exciting time for children and adults alike; Halloween is finally here. Some people wait for this day all year long, spending hours crafting the perfect costume. It’s a time that brings out creativity, great costumes, scary stories and who can forget the copious amounts of candy!

While trick or treating on Halloween night is fun for all ages, it’s also a time for heightened awareness of your surroundings. Here are our tips on keeping safe on the scariest night of the year.

  1. Avoid masks

Wearing something that covers the face reduces how well the person wearing the mask can see. It’s important that visibility isn’t compromised; cars, bikes and other hazards are around that may cause an injury if they aren’t seen properly.

  1. Wear light coloured clothing/costumes

Dark clothes such as black, brown or navy are hard to see at night. Staying in costumes or clothing that is lighter in colour makes you more visible to others.

  1. Make a plan with kids going without parents/adults

If your children are old enough to go out on their own, decide on a plan before they head out. Map out a route they must take/stay on, have them bring a cell phone and flashlight and remind them to avoid homes that are poorly lit and to never go into a stranger’s home.

  1. Check candy

Having a parent or guardian look through any goodies collected is very important. Sometimes candy or chocolates may have partially opened wrappers. This doesn’t always indicate the item has been tampered with, but it’s safest to throw it away anyways.

  1. Stay on the sidewalk

Trick or treating happens at night, when it’s dark and generally lacks good lighting. Darting out on the road or running back and forth across the street is unsafe and can potentially lead to serious injuries. Keeping on the sidewalk means not just pedestrians stay safe, but those that are out driving as well.

  1. Bring a flashlight & cell phone

In the event of any emergency it’s a good idea to have a flashlight and cell phone on hand. If something is dropped, a flashlight will make it easier to see. Flashlights also make it easier for other people to see you. A cell phone comes in handy if an emergency phone call needs to be made or to keep track of an older child who is trick or treating on their own.

  1. Remove walkway clutter or potential hazards

The excitement that comes along with free candy can cause for lack of awareness of the surrounding area. Keep kids and adults safe and remove any tripping hazards from the sidewalk or porch area of your home. Keeping this area well lit will also help eliminate potential dangers.

  1. Share the streets

Not exceeding the speed limit, staying alert and avoiding distractions will help you and others stay safe and enjoy the night. All motorists should exercise additional caution when driving through neighbourhoods and school zones. Pedestrians should keep in mind that costumes and lack of light make for poor driving conditions; don’t assume drivers can see you. Adding something reflective to your costume is a helpful way to remain seen.

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Skye OliverTrick or Treat: Tips for Staying Safe on Halloween Night