How Damages are measured in a Personal Injury Case


Anyone who has suffered a personal injury can tell you that the road to healing can be lined with potholes. High medical expenses, missed work, emotional trauma, chronic pain, you name it – the fact of the matter is that personal injury victims battle every day to keep moving forward while facing a multitude of setbacks.

Fortunately, personal injury litigators are dedicated to easing the stresses of sufferers by assisting them in seeking the financial compensation necessary for the recovery process. There is no specific formula for determining the damages a sufferer has faced, but there are many factors that contribute to the final settlement that most injury victims receive.

Here’s how damages are measured in a personal injury case:

Medical Expenses

If a victim has suffered an injury that involves medical treatment, including future expenses such as any rehabilitation sessions, the costs will be included in their compensation. Furthermore, doctors’ notes and invoices work towards helping a patient’s case, as they prove the severity of the injury.

Loss of Income

Many injury sufferers are forced by their symptoms to take a leave from work to recover properly. However, in the face of medical bills, that loss of income can hit an already vulnerable individual very hard. Therefore, loss of income is also factored into the compensation equation.


Unfortunately, for many people that have been involved in an accident, living with a disability becomes their everyday reality. This dramatic life change has a long list of expenses attached to it that personal injury lawyers seek to have covered by compensatory damages.

Pain and Suffering

This umbrella term covers everything from physical to emotional duress. For instance, if a plaintiff was paralyzed in a car accident and became depressed due to the life-altering disability they went on to face as a result of that accident, they can claim emotional distress.

Permanent Disfigurement

If a sufferer is faced with the reality of permanent disfigurement after an accident that was caused by another party’s negligence, they can likely receive compensation for such disfigurement.

Personal injury compensation is an extremely complex and detailed subject. While the above are simply a few examples of how damages are measured, they are the most common issues that sufferers face.

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gray_adminHow Damages are measured in a Personal Injury Case