What to do if you’ve been injured on Public Transit


As convenient and environmentally friendly as the option is, nobody loves the idea of riding on public transit. Feeling akin to a sardine is far from exciting, and frequent delays can be immensely frustrating. Regardless, public transit is a helpful service, even if riders are at the mercy of it.

While streetcar, bus, and subway rides are typically very smooth, occasionally an individual is injured during their post-work commute. In the event that you are injured while riding in a public transit vehicle, this valuable information can assist you on the road to seeking compensation for your injuries:

Speak to the Driver

Nobody on public transit wants any trouble, and everyone on it is willing to do his or her part to avoid it. While commuters simply wish to arrive home safely, vehicle operators just want to complete their workday without unnecessary headaches. In the event that you are injured on a public transit vehicle, it is imperative that if possible, you immediately report the injury to the driver so that he or she can report it to their senior. Furthermore, focus on obtaining as much information as you can about the vehicle you have been injured on so that you have something concrete to bring to the courts instead of simply claiming you were injured on “a bus”.

Difficulties in Collecting Compensation

After you’ve suffered your injury, there is potential that you can collect Statutory Accident Benefits from the public transit company you were relying on to get you home safely. Unfortunately, problems have been known to arise for those seeking compensation for this type of injury if the vehicle they were riding in didn’t crash into another motor vehicle.

This is challenging for some, as most whiplash or slip and fall public transit injuries are catalyzed by the event of the driver slamming on the breaks to avoid colliding with another vehicle.

While some public transit accident victims do experience issues in receiving compensation for their pain and suffering, our personal injury lawyers are here to ensure that doesn’t happen to you. As with any legal issue, all it takes is a strong team of litigators dedicated to proving your case. If you’ve been injured on a public transit vehicle, it’s vital that you don’t waste time deciding if you wish to seek compensation. This is due to the fact that there can be limitation periods after an accident in which the sufferer must report their injuries if they hope to receive the justice they deserve.

If you have been injured, and need legal assistance, call #1000 on your cell phone for free. We will offer you a free claim assessment.

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