Staying Safe While Snowmobiling

The winter season is the ideal time of year for those people who enjoy partaking in adrenaline boosting outdoor sports and activities.

Snowmobiling is one of the most popular wintertime activities that families enjoy engaging in during the colder months. However, as with all high-octane adventurous activities, there are risks associated with snowmobiling.

Here are some top tips for avoiding injury while enjoying an action-packed day on your snowmobile:

“As a Safe Rider, you:

  • Know your abilities and don’t go beyond them.
  • Know your machine’s capabilities and don’t push beyond them.
  • Know your riding area. Get a map. Talk to the locals.
  • Learn more—reading manuals and other materials from manufacturers, administrators and snowmobile associations, or watch videos. Snowmobile clubs, state and provincial associations offer courses, information and activities. Many members are certified driving and/or safety instructors.

Keep your machine in top shape

  • You have two good guides available for snowmobile maintenance: the owner’s manual that came with the machine and a dealer. Consult both to make sure your machine is kept in top form for dependable, enjoyable fun.
  • Your local club or association may also conduct safety and maintenance programs.
  • Before each ride, follow the “pre-op” check outlined in your owner’s manual.

Follow the rules

Regulations on sled registration and use are different in various parts of the snow-belt. Check with natural resource and law enforcement agencies and snowmobile dealers or clubs in the area you are visiting to make sure your ride results in legal and hassle-free snowmobiling.
Remember, too, that some states and provinces have age restrictions for snowmobile operation, often requiring that children are supervised by adults.

Safe crossing

Be careful when crossing roads of any kind. Come to a complete stop and make absolutely sure no traffic is approaching from any direction. Then cross at a right angle to traffic.

Dress appropriately

  • Wear layers of clothing, so that you can add or remove a layer or two to match changing conditions. A windproof outer layer is especially important, as are warm gloves or mitts, boots and a helmet.
  • Make sure your helmet is safety-certified, the right size and in good condition. A visor is essential for clear vision and wind protection and the chin strap should be snug.
  • Wear glasses or goggles that offer protection from the sun.

Take a friend

Don’t snowmobile alone. Not only is snowmobiling more fun with family and friends, it’s safer too!”

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