Why the Onus is on you to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

The day you become a homeowner, you take on responsibility for something bigger than yourself. While settling into your new house can feel like you are living in the physical manifestation of your hard work, there are crucial things to take caution of once you are handed the keys. In a country that boasts its four seasons proudly each year, it’s your responsibility to ensure the safety of pedestrians passing by your property.

While summertime yields generally hazard-free sidewalks, the other seasons are not so accommodating. When winter hits, morning commutes and afternoon walks can transform from leisurely strolls to calculated steps to ensure minimal danger.

Yes, pedestrians and visitors are expected to take reasonable precautions while walking, but it your job to ensure they are not subjected to unexpected hazards. As a homeowner, you are required to take the care necessary to ensure the safety of guests and those traversing across your property.

Every personal injury case is not black and white. However, you can be held personally liable for an accident if you were previously aware of a hazardous condition and did not correct the issue or forewarn guests of the danger.

Do any of these dangerous conditions exist on your property?

  • Recently washed floors or spills
  • Uneven terrain such as potholes or lopsided staircases
  • Snowy or icy sidewalks
  • Unfinished flooring
  • Poor lighting
  • Missing handrails

In short, if you knew that your floors were still wet from being mopped, didn’t warn your guests, and one of them happened to slip and injure themselves – the onus is on you.

Although you may know to take caution while walking in your freshly mopped kitchen, your guests are unaware of the hazard. So if a visitor is injured on your property, he or she has the legal right to sue for the suffering inflicted by the accident, any medical expenses, and the loss of income incurred due to your negligence.

The emotional and physical aspects of an injury can be both immensely painful and financially stressful. At Dye and Russell, we strive to ensure that victims of homeowner negligence get the proper compensation to pay for the treatment of their injuries. Were sympathetic to the difficulties that injured individuals face, and we offer free case evaluations with no obligation. Our clients don’t pay until their cases are settled or won, because the last thing they need is another expense.

So homeowners, if you see an ice patch on your driveway, salt it. If you have a pothole on your sidewalk, fill it. If you see anything that could cause danger to pedestrians and guests, address it.

If you have been injured, and need legal assistance, call #1000 on your cell phone for free. We will offer you a free claim assessment.

gray_adminWhy the Onus is on you to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

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