Slip and Fall Prevention During April Showers

You’ve experienced it at one point or another. While walking to grab coffee on a lunch break a lapse of attention hits, and you’re distracted by something your boss said earlier. Suddenly your foot slides, your back twists, and soon you’re looking at the sky while seeing stars, even though its still daytime.

The rainy season is upon us. April showers have arrived. While we wait for May’s flowers to bloom, there are some necessary steps to take in order to avoid harmful injuries caused by puddles and lack of visibility.

Although you can say to yourself “it won’t happen to me”, or “I’m a cautious person”, heightened precautions can never harm, only help. The pain, suffering, and lack of income that can be experienced after a fall can be avoided using these tips and tricks.

At Home

Do you remember your mother always nagging at you to wipe your shoes on the welcome mat before you entered the house? Well, she had a good point. Wiping your shoes off after coming inside is a simple yet effective way of preventing accidents. If your shoes aren’t wet, you won’t slip, easy and your mother’s homemade pie.

Furthermore, it’s prudent to keep your eyes peeled for spills and muddy tracks dragged inside by family members or visitors. When the weather is especially rainy, it can be easy to find puddles of the outdoor downpour on your kitchen floor.

Out and About 

The first step to slip and fall prevention on the go starts with your footwear. It’s imperative to invest in a pair of non-skid shoes for the rainy season. That means that unfortunately, your favourite pair of high heeled pumps or your old sneakers with the flat soles are best to be thrown to the back of the closet for the springtime. 

When you are out of the house doing errands, you are at a higher risk for slips than within the familiar confines of your home. From the workplace kitchen to the department store, be quick to observe if anyone has left a spill on the floor. Spilled liquids such as beverages, soap, or grease can be slippery without appearing hazardous, so be careful to watch your step.

Additionally, be mindful when using staircases. Handrails are meant to be gripped, and can prevent slips on patches of liquid that even a trained eye couldn’t detect. Furthermore, while climbing the stairs, do not carry objects that obstruct your line of sight.

When you’re young, slipping doesn’t appear to be the most threatening thing that could occur. As you age, however, the risks associated with falling increase dramatically. Furthermore, the financial and emotional burdens that an injury can inflict upon individuals can be highly stressful.

Have you recently been injured on the sidewalk or at your workplace due to unsafe conditions caused by the rainy season? At Dye and Russell, we strive to ensure that those dealing with a personal injury get properly reimbursed to pay for the treatment of their injuries. Our clients don’t pay us until their cases are settled or won, because the last thing they need is another expense.

Fast dial #1000 free from your cell and we’ll get you the support you need.

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